The Mad Poets Society, a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt arts organization, is an integral part of the Philadelphia writing community. Mad Poets has grown from humble roots and a handful of poets at Media Borough Hall in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, to over 100 members in six states.  It is an active organization of poets and writers who have joined together for camaraderie and critique with heart, to celebrate the creative soul and to promote the literary arts.  We aspire to bring poetry and the appreciation of the spoken word to Philadelphia and the surrounding communities and to foster a supportive, nurturing atmosphere to promote individual growth. We provide an outlet for artistic energy and interests other than the workday world and offer opportunities and forums for new poets to express themselves in an encouraging atmosphere.  We come from all walks of life.  Our members are teachers, brick-layers, lawyers, construction workers, secretaries, students, seniors — everyone with a common link:  the love of words.

Our programs extend well beyond those who are already inclined towards poetry and literary arts. We provide forums where diverse individuals can learn from each other and increase their understanding of the language.  Mad Poets offers dozens of events each year, including master classes, informative workshops, informal critique circles, open mike nights and poetry readings featuring talented local poets and writers from the area and across the country.   In addition, we vary our reading locations and venues each year to target new areas and different demographics. MPS connects poets and performance artists to venues, as well as to create opportunities to read and publish, for critique and camaraderie and to learn and be inspired.